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COPPER COFFEE MAKER filter with aluminum



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The Old and Traditional Neapolitan Coffee Maker, or as we call it in our dialect “Cuccumella” is an historic symbol of our city.  Coffee is definitely the favorite beverage of Naples.

In Naples there is always time for a good cup of coffee, like in the morning after just waking up, after lunch, before going to bed, and whenever someone wants to spend a good time chatting with friends.

The normal Moka coffee maker allows people to prepare coffee quickly for a short break, but black neapolitan coffee made in a copper cuccuma has become an act of reflection and a break from the world.  This break must be long so that it allows time to reflect and make peace with our thoughts.

Coffee made from a copper cuccumella is more intense and aromatic than an espresso prepared with the normal Moka.  It is an explosion of taste!